My name is Yvonne Groenendijk and I am from The Hague, The Netherlands. Building websites has been my hobby since 2001, back when GeoCities was still a thing. Over the years I've developed my skills and I have been working as a (freelance) frontend developer since 2010.

Terms and Conditions

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When a website is designed by PinkPaisley Designs, a link will be placed on the bottom of your homepage, linking back to this portfolio site. If you do not agree with this or if there is a need for you to remove this link, be sure to contact me.


A Service Level Agreement is available in which both PinkPaisley Designs and the client agree upon a level of service given after completion of a project. Service contains upkeep and minor changes needed after completion. Either party reserves the right to cancel the Service Level Agreement with a notice of 7 (seven) days. Termination needs to be in writing and the notice period will start once both parties have been informed.


All invoices raised by PinkPaisley Designs shall become due for payment to be received 14 (fourteen) days following the date of invoice (21 days for international transactions) unless consent is expressly given in writing to the client for an extension of this period. If payment is not received, PinkPaisley Designs intends to claim interest at the statutory rate in relation to the outstanding amounts and possible collection fees. All costs of this process will be for your account.

Privacy Policy

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